Residential moorings near Mansion Lane Friends of Slough Canal
The Slough Arm is a 5 mile spur running west from the main Grand Union Canal as it leaves London heading north west. It was one of the last sections of canal to be constructed in the UK, and was built primarily to support the local industry of brick making.
Location of Slough arm on network
Wheel of trolley dumped in canal
The new Friends of Slough Canal were formed in 2003 in order to promote maintenance and further responsible recreational use of the canal and towpath; and to try and influence any local planning decisions which might concern the future of the canal. Initially helped to form by local resident's groups the canal group is now independent, and the activities of its committee members is funding by subscriber members who receive information on campaigns and activities.

CANAL STATUS: current information for visitors on towpath or water: last update 18/09/2018

Towpath and waterway open, one or two bits of fallen tree still to be cleared. No total blockages.

NEW WEBSITE to be launched soon, with a museum section. More here


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